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The Noble
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"Daddy~" Came a little girl's voice as she ran to catch up with her father, and clutched at his haori once she did. "How was your day?" The petite, raven haired child asked, looking up at Byakuya with big innocent eyes.

Byakuya looked down to his tiny daughter. “It was fine,” He replied in a more kind voice. “How was your own?”

Baby Project || AU || Open




He walked out the door while fishing for his keys out of his pocket. He wasn’t exactly certain what to talk to her about besides the project so he started with that. “What days do you have free?”

"I do not have many free day’s, but I can make some room." She explained as calmly as she could. She worked a lot on her free time which took up most of her time when she wasnt’ at school. 

"I see," He walked down the hall towards the exit to the building while thinking. It wouldn’t be the first project he did mostly on his own and he was sure it wouldn’t be the last. But at the same time he didn’t want to be a mostly single parent to even a fake baby. He sighed. "Well, we will have to work around that somehow." 

Violently Faithful ~ Andra-Sidan



Tired, yet ready to be back and perform his duties to the clan Hidehiro stepped inside the Clan leader’s room. His hands were once again filled with scrolls and documents to be signed. 

Starting that day he had begun his duties once again, having only a small leave during the time of recovery and the first thing he had was meetings with several clan members. Being tired and restless he had taken his time with them without realizing he had missed his usual meeting with Byakuya during lunch. 

He had noticed his cousin being overly stressed as well and had chosen to stay away from his way in order to give the man more time an space. There would be no point of making the man more tired than he already was and Hidehiro had stayed at his own quarters rather than at the manor. He only hoped Byakuya would understand.


He looked up from his hands only to see a tired looking Hidehiro. He frowned deeply at the scrolls and documents that he assumed needed his signature within his fiance’s arms.

Honestly, where does someone find so much documentation that needs my approval? He thought quietly then looked up again to the other man. “Hidehiro, I was expecting you earlier but you didn’t come by..” 

Byakuya looked down to the report on his desk. Perhaps, Hidehiro was avoiding him for some reason. The thought of that only made Byakuya feel worse and more tired than he was. He actually wanted to spend time with the other and his son more often. But he supposed that was the price he paid for being the Clan Leader and a Taichou. 

"I’m in love with you."

"Who are you?"

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(Okay here goes) Yourichi smirked from her perch up on the wall. "Well, if it isn't little Byakuya. Back for your ribbon?" She teased lightly jumping down, landing lightly on her feet a few meters away from the noble.




He paused from walking into the shop by hearing a familiar voice. Great… Byakuya thought to himself as he looked up to the woman on the wall. “Hardly, I came to speak with Urahara about a situation in Karkura Town that Rukia spoke of.” He began walking again. “I have no need to speak to you, Demon Cat.”

((Gomen, he’s rude as hell. :S))

"That is not what I meant." He glared then turned. "Oh, never mind. Rukia, Kurosaki come along." 

Ichigo scowled at the woman. “Great job, now he’s even more angry. He’ll be harder to talk to now because of you.”

"It’s called adult supervision Ichigo. I’m making sure you don’t start fighting." Yourichi responded calmly as she walked, glancing around to make sure no one was watching her and used flash step to dart ahead.

"I don’t need supervision to be able to talk to Byakuya." Ichigo muttered under his breath as he turned his head away as the woman started to flash step. 

Byakuya blinked as the cat woman flash stepped ahead. Damn woman…



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14. my muse wrapped in blankets, shaking and bruised

" It is important Captain Kuchiki, I can’t walk away from this leaving you in this condition " Ryoko slowly breathed and sat down in front of him

" Please tell me what happened Captain Kuchiki, As you’re lieutenant it’s my job is know what happens and to protect you "

"I was defeated." He spoke quietly without looking at her. "That is all you really need to know."